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The Warrior Mama Podcast

Jun 8, 2022

Welcome back to the kitchen table. Bethany is sitting down with a very special guest, Candice Reyes. Bethany and Candice sit down for a compelling episode on what it means to be in God’s word but genuinely understand it and its role in motherhood and life, even in moments where you feel doubtful. 


Candice shares her own story and how she struggled to trust God, but she shares how that trust was unveiled and how she began to see what a redeeming God he truly is. Both Candice and Bethany share vulnerable moments and honest truths about their struggles. But, they hope to empower listeners to seek God and truly bask in those moments with him. 


Listeners are reminded that we all experience pain, heartbreak, and loss, and while in those moments it can feel painful but God wants our healing more than we want it for ourselves. This episode provides hope during a journey of healing but also stands as a reminder that God doesn’t expect perfection. He only expects us to be present with him. 


Related Scriptures:

Isaiah 43

James 1 2-4


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Candice Reyes is a Speaker, Podcast Host, Author, and Educator. Candice wrote two books both highlighting 3 Biblical Practices to ignite our relationship with God. Candice is the Executive Director of Hooks2Crook Ministries, Inc. Hooks2Crook is a Non-Profit that loves God and inspires others to know and love Jesus through Biblical teachings that encourage obedience to God’s calling as they progress from a fisher-of-men to a shepherd guiding new disciples of Jesus Christ. On top of all that she is a wife of a phenomenal artist, Elias Reyes, and a mother of three a-dork-able kids ages 23-14. Candice hopes to encourage, equip, and endorse others to step out in faith utilizing their God-given talents and gifts for His glory. 




Bethany welcomes you to share some of your favorite moments in motherhood and she always encourages you to reach out with any questions or comments. 


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