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The Warrior Mama Podcast

Jun 1, 2022

Welcome back to the kitchen table. This week, Bethany welcomes Trudy Lonesky to the table, where they discuss how to walk with your teenage daughters in a kingdom-driven and gospel-centered way. More specifically, in times of anxiety or when pressures of society feel too heavy. 


As women, we feel extensive pressure from the media, culture, and our own circle. Both Bethany and Trudy share personal experiences of how they have walked with their daughters in times of anxiety and darkness but, most importantly, how they get Jesus at the forefront of these moments. 


Bethany hopes through this conversation that, she can provide hope to the moms who might be walking through this path of darkness. Keep focused on the promise from God, and he hasn’t left you. Both Bethany and Trudy provide words of affirmation and truths from God that he is on your side, and while these times feel tough, God chose you as the parent of your children. 

Related Scriptures:
Psalm 91
1st Corinthians 13
Isaiah 40:11 

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