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The Warrior Mama Podcast

Feb 23, 2022

Welcome back to the kitchen table. Bethany sits down to continue the series on where the practical meets Jesus. The heart of these conversations is to engage in the real-life moments that we experience as mamas but understand them from a gospel perspective. 


This week, Bethany is visiting a topic that she has experienced in her household, also stemming from a conversation with a mama whose child is battling comparison in academics. 


Bethany reminds her listeners of the five truths that need to be put in place :

  • We are shepherding a soul that is in need of a savior
  • Ask for God’s wisdom
  • Be consistent 
  • Pray
  • Speak words of life to your child


God has designed each of our children uniquely and has gifted each child with different talents and strengths for kingdom work. And, when our children are wrestling with feelings of not measuring up, we must sit with them and understand what they are hearing, what they are feeling, and then remind them of their unique gifts. 


Bethany uses her five pillars to help you understand your child’s thoughts and how you can walk together in truth in what God speaks over them. Bethany encourages us to see our children’s struggles from a bigger spiritual perspective. And, to ask ourselves what is the truth your child needs to hear right now to combat those lies? 


Bethany welcomes you to share some of your favorite moments or maybe some of your most difficult moments of motherhood.


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