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The Warrior Mama Podcast

Sep 22, 2021

Welcome back to the kitchen table. Bethany is so excited to have you join her on the podcast this week as she talks about the overwhelming stress of disciplining your children in a way that not only provides you with confidence but grace, too. 


Bethany shares the importance of understanding that Jesus has died for your sin and to compel this understanding onto your children. We must act as ambassadors of reconciliation so that our children understand that Jesus has come to set you free. As parents, there is a lot of pressure to raise successful, and perfect children but that isn’t what Jesus is asking of us. Instead he reminds us that law was put in place to point us to jesus. 


He is asking that you teach your child about Christ’s love. We have rules in our home not to create the perfect child nor for them to live up to but instead as a roadway to Jesus. When you change your expectation to accept that rules will be broken you begin to become an ambassador of reconciliation. 


You can instill this in your home by asking your child these questions

  • What does this display about your heart?
  • What can you and Jesus do to change your heart?


You walk with your kids and meet them with compassion when rules are broken and remind them they cannot measure up to Christ but instead this is his invitation to walk with him. 

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