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The Warrior Mama Podcast

Aug 23, 2023

Welcome back to the kitchen table. One of the most profound lessons of motherhood is the art of letting go. Especially in times of crisis, when our children's faith wavers or they reject their beliefs, we are confronted with the need to release our grip on control as challenging as it can be. In today's episode, Bethany explores how we can respond with faith and grace while relinquishing control in these moments. 


It's human nature to feel responsible for our children's spiritual journey. However, when we believe their salvation rests solely on our shoulders, we invest in a lie. The Gospel invites us to shift our focus from the outcome to the process and to instead focus on a relationship of unconditional love and guiding them towards a relationship with God.


Watching our children question or reject their faith can be immensely challenging. It's easy to question our own beliefs, especially when we feel frustrated by God's perceived lack of intervention in their lives. But these moments are an opportunity to reflect on our faith, understand its complexity, and dive deeper into our relationship with God.


By shifting our focus from control to trust, we honor God and allow our children the space to discover their faith journey. Letting go becomes a testament to our faith, paving the way for transformation, connection, and an unshakeable bond with our children and our faith.

Anchoring Scriptures:
Matthew 9:35 
Romans 4

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