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The Warrior Mama Podcast

Dec 24, 2022

Welcome back to the kitchen table at Christmas. Join Bethany for the next six episodes as she explores the various names of Jesus to help you settle the Christmas season's tensions, overwhelms, and chaos.


In today's final episode before Christmas, Bethany takes listeners on a journey through Isaiah 9 not only to understand the great depth, importance, and reasoning behind this passage. But to help listeners uncover stunning revelations behind the meaning of The Lord of Hosts and what his zeal means. 


If you're coming into the Christmas season and wondering if it's enough, you've done all the things, you've planned the big parties, but you ask if he is coming into the Christmas season with you. The answer is yes. He has an intense devotion and passionate commitment to you during Christmas and far after.


Merry Christmas!


Anchoring Scriptures:
Isaiah 9 


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