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The Warrior Mama Podcast

Dec 20, 2022

Welcome back to the kitchen table during the week of Advent. Join Bethany for the next six episodes as she explores the various names of Jesus to help you settle the Christmas season's tensions, overwhelms, and chaos.


In today's quick but valuable episode, Bethany visits Jesus and his role as our helper. Bethany shares a personal story that opened her eyes to relying on Jesus for help, especially during the messiest of moments.  


Maybe you've felt you have made a mess of Christmas, but you don't have to pick up the pieces alone. He wants to help you heal. He is committed to us. 


Join Bethany for a new episode each day leading up to Christmas. 

Anchoring Scriptures:
Hebrews 13:6 
Psalm 54:4

Connect with Bethany: