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The Warrior Mama Podcast

Nov 2, 2022

Welcome back to the kitchen table. Bethany welcomes a special guest, Anastasia Corbin, for a conversation on being intentional with our children while creating lasting memories, building confidence, and strengthening their walk with Jesus. 


Anastasia is the author of Becoming An Intentional Family: Creating Meaningful Memories and Building Confidence in Your Kids, and Bethany has the privilege of sitting down with Anastasia to learn more about her, her family, and the beauty behind her book. 


Bethany and Anastasia share traditions they have with their kids that help them feel seen, heard, known, and accepted for who they are as individuals. Anastasia shares practical tools for creating a home that fosters a sense of belonging and security for all family members. 


This episode is filled with ideas, tools, and personal experiences to help other mamas build intentionality within the walls of their homes. 


More About Anastasia and Where to Find Her:

Anastasia Corbin loves to encourage women to live a life anchored in Jesus. She is also passionate about sharing God's Word. Anastasia manages the home while blogging and providing resources that encourage overwhelmed moms to prioritize faith, family, and themselves. The author of Becoming an Intentional Family and co-author of When the Bases are Loaded: Encouragement for Moms to Hit a Grand Slam in Life lives in northern Indiana with her husband Jonathan and their four children. When she is not writing, Anastasia enjoys digging into God’s Word, singing on the Worship Team, and reading while sipping on coffee. If she had a day to herself, you would find her on the beach reading a book.


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Bethany welcomes you to share some of your favorite moments or ask her any questions you’d love for her to chat about on her upcoming episodes. 


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